The International Fellowship of Railroading Rotarians (IFRR) is made up of Rotarians who have an interest in railroading in any format, type, size or related interests. This may consist of steam, diesel, electric, model railroads, rail fan photography, rail travel, railroad collectibles, private rail cars, trolley cars and what ever related interest there is from the membership.

The IFRR officers are now polling members to determine if they will be attending the 2015 SAO PAULO CONVENTION and their interest in becoming involved with IFRR activities at the Convention. See the Fall 2014 Smokestack for details!

A visit to the Sydney Tramway Museum during the 2014 Convention. See the write-up here

The International Fellowship of Railroading Rotarians attended the Annual Meeting and joined a tour to the Carris Museum of mint restored trams and buses. See the write-up in the 2013 Summer issue of Smokestack

We arrange railroading activities and events as the membership desires. This may range from organizing or providing assistance for train travel international and national, to sharing tips and ideas for model railroads. The website and email newsletter are great places to announce railroading events for all to visit and participate. Perhaps one has visited a historical or preserved railway or has one in their community; this is the place to let others know about it.

The email newsletter and website are a place to show off your interests with photos of trains you have seen, layouts you have visited, models built, etc. It is also a discussion opportunity to get answers to questions you have about railroading. They are a place to share your railroading experiences with others who have the same interest. You can also swap and sell train memorabilia, model trains and related items.

This fellowship will continue the traditions of railroading around the world. With Railroading Rotarians communicating and sharing the past, present and further of railroading will be preserved.

Don Schiller, PDG
IFRR President
Rotary International District 5490
Prescott, AZ 86303

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